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ANDAMAN Made In Phuket
By Miss Many Thailand

    Phuket province or it is known “Pearl of Andaman Sea”, one of the world’s top destination. It has high unique and charming, the place that people around the world dream to visit. It’s not only famous for white singing sand, beautiful beaches, glittering blue sea but also for the Shino Portuguese building and the unique lifestyle that blending Chinese cultural with local people’s life style. Phuket has a great variety of shopping for gifts and souvenirs such as pearls and jewelry.
Tourists can also buy fresh and sweet juicy fruits such as pineapple. It is tourists’ favorite fruit and hard to forget. So Phuket is the world’s Destination in a Life Time.
    Miss Many Company Limited was established in Phuket. “The aim is to create and develop the organic cosmetics for beauty and health wellness”. The important vision is to mix Phuketian knowledge and Global Trend in order to serve digital lifestyle.
    ANDAMAN Premium Soap Ball. It’s important to pay attention to seek raw material and natural ingredient in local area in Phuket- It’s well selected, researched through a unique production in order to promote local wisdom, create jobs, keep business runs for a long time under the beauty philosophy (Make Destiny).

    This philosophy will reflect to the beauty of variety clever women who have self-confident, dare to change and create new opportunities that make her outstanding like Phuket.  It has been known as ‘Pearl of Andaman Sea’.


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